Terms of Service – Teacher

Anuttara Acknowledgement

If you are a trained Anuttara Teacher and teaching any variation of its forms, poses or practice you will honor the teaching by referring to it as Anuttara Raja Yoga, Anuttara Hatha Yoga or Anuttara Vinyasa Yoga. You will refer to it as this when you teach and in all marketing materials not limited to flyers, booking forms, calendar listings, video products etc. This agreement extends to any venue where you will teach. Only with an approved written exception from Anuttara Worldwide under extenuating circumstances can a teacher teach Anuttara Yoga in any of its forms under any other name.

You may only advertise other forms of yoga as an Anuttara Teacher if you are certified in the form you are advertising. We reserve the right to deny the promotion of any form or practice that upon our discretion we feel misleads, misrepresents or harms the image of yoga.

Affiliate Agreement

The payouts for any products to be sold on the platform is still being created and will be communicated upon Affiliate platform launch. In order to receive an Affiliate credit a teacher must use their designated link. Sometimes users may initially receive one affiliate link and ultimately purchase through another affiliate link. As such some scenarios may develop where payout disputes develop. We do not assume any responsibility for making adjustment to payouts that are not properly reflected in the tracking software and we will strive to be as fair as possible.

Integrity & Honesty

By joining this platform you are not just using a technology. You are participating in a community and as a Anuttara trained teacher you acknowledge your impact on the community at large. You agree not to slander, gossip, or commit harmful acts to platform users, other teachers and students. You agree to be truthful and take responsibility for your actions.

Hold Harmless & Liability

You waive Anuttara Worldwide LLC of any liability associated with your service of students. You agree you will carry your own liability insurance and/or the venue you teach in will carry its own liability insurance. Anuttara Worldwide is only acting as an intermediary for teachers and students to find each other. As such we will not assume liability for your actions.