Bhakti Training – 100HR: 2022 Recordings

Philip · August 27, 2022

Mahatma Gandhi called the Bhagavad Gita 

(the Lord’s Song) his “spiritual dictionary”. 

It is a text of 700 verses in 18 chapters, 

(both numbers are spiritually significant).

 The Gita is said to have been memorized from the sage Vyasa’s dictation as written by Ganesha HimSelf.

This holy text describes the moral dilemma faced by the warrior Arjuna in the face of an impending civil war. Lord Krishna, his friend and charioteer, advises him as to how to deal with the impending disaster and its aftermath.

Lord Krisna speaks directly to Arjuna and helps him understand the distinctions between Karma, Jnana, Bhakti Yoga and Raja Yoga.  

Yogacarya Philip Christodoulou will guide this 

conversation of Bhakti Yoga, as the highest form of Yoga, through the clear and scientific lens of its 

philosophical substrate and not as religious dogma. 

As he always emphasizes, and as our Guru Parampara insists, the spiritual impetus behind 

religion and scientific analysis always confirms each other.

Participants will become familiar with classical Sanskrit as we chant out each verse and do guided exposition as to its meaning.

If the Yoga Sutra is a “how to” reference for Raja Yoga, the Bhagavad Gita is the “why and wherefore” for Raja Yoga and Bhakti, the Yoga of Devotion as its logical outcome.

We invite all interested practitioners, seekers and teachers to come deepen their practice and understanding of the Sacred Science.

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